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To all our friends and relatives this Christmas, 2004

Hello.   The feedback from our efforts last year has encouraged us to set up a new page this Christmas.

Let us start by wishing everyone looking at this page a Greeting this Christmas.  We are thinking of friends and family at this time, remembering the good times and hoping for a peaceful New Year. 

Paddy aged 8

Rhubarb aged 8


Retirement, as everyone tells you, doesn't really exist!  We seem to have less time than when we were working
and this can be seen by the numbers of cobwebs and dusty surfaces at Church Farm House.

Brize Norton Primary School was in need of more volunteer reading assistance, so Philip has joined
Mary two mornings a week, listening to, reading to, and playing games with three girls from year 2 and a boy
from year 6.

Philip also volunteered to help run an IT Club for Years 5 & 6 and built and runs the school website.

He also built and runs the village/church website and is just starting up another local school website.  This is as
well as being churchwarden and treasurer at St Britius, and organising all the technical and computing
side of setting up a church plant on the new estate in Carterton.

Mary has been persuaded to set up and run a mother and toddler club on the new estate, and
has had great fun spending 1,000 on resources for same.  This, with picking up Charlie and
Harry from school and supervising homework makes up for the rest of the week!

Once again we opened our garden along with 12 other gardens in the village as part of the National Gardens Open Scheme.  
This encouraged us to get everything in order for June and to complete two new projects in the garden.


We have however managed to squeeze in some days in Shropshire in the Spring, a holiday in Cephalonia,
a week with our friends in Somerset, and a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Petra (Jordan) and St Catherine's (Egypt).





Mount Sinai

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

Sunset Wadir Rum







Jon and Bex are getting married on August 6th next year, and Ju will fulfil a life long ambition to be a bridesmaid.

Jon still teaches history, IT and games at Christ Church Cathedral School, and although he has given up
the housemastership, is taking the choristers to the USA at Easter.  Bex is doing a grand
job as a TA at a special school in Oxford.

Charlie & Harry

Becky and Charlie

Jon and Rhubard

Phil and Harry


Ju is freelance once more, and getting great pleasure in taking her horse Magic to all the events
and hunting.  Winney, her first horse is now retired and on loan to a good family who cherish her.   
Juliet lives in our Annex with her partner, Steve.

Ju & Steve

Ju on Magic

Ju and Magic


We look forward to hearing from you and to exchanging news

Have a great Christmas

Best wishes


Philip and Mary

BTW You can mail me here




© Phil Holmes  Updated on Wednesday 8 December 2004