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Happy Christmas to everyone!  We hope you have had a good and peaceful year
and that 2010 will be too!

Well, this was the year of the baby!  Juliet and Steve had a baby girl, Rosie Jane in September.  She is now three months old, gurgling and giggling and blowing raspberries, great fun!


Jon and Bex are now settled at the Oratory Prep School with a nice four bedroom apartment in the boarding house and all the commitments that being in charge of the boarders brings, along with teaching history and IT and being part of the management team.  Charlie is now at the "Big O" Oratory School and enjoying life, Harry continues in the prep school and is making progress.


We had a great holiday in Canada in April, combining the Rocky Mountaineer Rail Journey from Vancouver to Banff with a visit to friends from Leeds University days, Tony and Lorraine Dixon who live on Saltspring Island off Vancouver.  They made us very welcome and it was great to sample their idylllic island lifestyle.  The years rolled back and there were many reminiscences of life and friends from University days.


Otherwise life continues as before with volunteer reading in school, church duties, websites, garden opening etc., etc., but we did find time for two other holidays in Greece and the Peak District.


We hope you and your families had a rewarding year and that 2010 will bring good health and happiness to everyone.
Looking forward to hearing all your news



© Phil Holmes  Updated on Friday 14 December 2007